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The Academy 

Bharathakala Natya Academy was established to promote Bharatanatyam, one of India's oldest and most sacred classical dance forms. The mission of the school is to impart this divine art and inculcate Indian culture and values in students.

The academy wishes to bestow upon its students the essence of connecting the mind, body, and soul through learning and understanding this sacred art form. Each student is assured individual attention and motivated to participate in the school's dance productions and programs. "There is no other knowledge, no other learning, no other art, not even yoga or action that is not found in dance." ~ Natyashastra.


Subathra Sudarshan is a versatile Bharathanatyam dancer with many notable performances in her repertoire. She runs a dance school in Bharathakala Naatya Academy in Johns Creek, Georgia. She has an advanced Diploma in Bharathanatyam awarded by the renowned performers, Sri. V.P. Dhananjayan and Smt. Shantha Dhananjyan, at their distinguished dance school, Academy Bharathakalanjali.