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An Arangetram defines the moment when a dancer ascends his or her path to their career in dance where aranga means stage and etram means climb. This is the performance in a dancer's progression that determines their graduation of the art form. It is performed in a traditional format consisting of a Margam or path. Students that prepare for their Arangetram usually have ten to twelve years of training in order to exhibit an exuberant performance at their defining moment on stage. As Arangetrams usually extend beyond two hours, the student must undergo rigorous training in order to build stamina to follow through with the different parts of the Margam. The first part of an Arangetram consists of Pushpanjalior Alaripu, Jathiswaram, Shabdam and Varnam. The second part comprises of Padam, Ashtapathior Devarnama, Thillana, and Mangalam.

Those who have completed their arangetram in 2023 are :

  • Vaishnavi Janaki
  • Nikhita & Shashi
  • Yashaswini Pandibabu
  • Akshada Subramaniyan
  • Vani Rao